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Yep, I spelled it right…trust me I checked four times!

Welcome to Try Me Tuesday! This is where I share with you items that I find helpful or useful that I think will totally make your life better! Some may be associated with my affiliate links, some may not be, but I will always inform you. I’m pretty chill like that.

I came across this site the other day when I was looking for ways to track my goals for my health in 2017 (part of my vision to Thrive instead of survive). You can actually earn money while exercising!  I was PUMPED when I read this.  Signed up right away.  Different motivation is always helpful, right?

There are currently 26 ways to track your activity through social media and through fitness apps.  Looks like you earn points for exercising/activity, for being “social”, and for sharing the app.You earn $10 for every 10,000 points you log. I haven’t yet reached 10,000 points but will update you when I do! I look forward to seeing how much I can push myself to work towards my vision and how much I can earn!

Here is the link to try this app out!  (Yes, I get points if you follow this link and sign up so thank you in advance!) Let me know what you think of this app.  Does it work for you? Does it motivate you? Do you know of any other similar apps?