Sharon Perry-Ferrari, LMT – Postural Alignment Therapist

ROC City Wellness is proud to be the home of Rochester’s ONLY Postural Alignment Therapist-
This exciting & interesting program specializes in identifying the cause of the postural weakness or dysfunction. It is a systematic re-training of the entire body system as a whole to restore strength and balance to each muscle group. The specific individualized “exercises” selected mimic the stimulus we no longer receive through our daily activities. This serves to “re-create” the neural pathways that our ancestors relied on to keep their brain sending correct signals to their muscles to tell their muscles how to correctly hold and move bone. In addition, Postural Alignment Therapy restores strength and balance to these muscle groups so that when the brain transmits the correct signal, or instructions, to them, they have the physical ability to perform optimally.

So in a nutshell Postural Alignment Therapy is a corrective exercise program, I want to assist you in achieving pain free movement through the effects of this non-invasive, non-medicated mainly HOME-MANAGED treatment intervention that restores and maintains musculoskeletal strength and integrity, and eliminates pain for the LONG-TERM!

In other words, you CAN help yourself; you just need to know how to do it!

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Phone: 585.400.0004


Monday 3-7
Tuesday 10-2
Additional hours may be available upon request.


Postural Alignment-Initial Assessment

DESCRIPTION: Symmetry corrective exercise program is a proven postural alignment system that empowers you to take part in your wellness, using a patented software system we design a beginning program specifically for you and your postural issues
1st session

  • online medical history & release form
  • FULL postural evaluation-taking 21 measurements on your body including pictures
  • written evaluation of assessment
  • follow reminders if desired
  • Sequenced routine creation with full routine demonstration at each session if desired
  • email/phone support for 2 weeks
  • Online access to video demonstration of exercises to review as needed
  • Online access to report generated


DURATION 90 minutes


​Postural Alignment Therapy -Follow-up Assessment

DESCRIPTION:​ ONLY For those who have been through the initial assessment & want to continue making progress in the corrective exercise program, this follow-up visit tracks progress, re-measures & helps you continue onto pain free movement through your personally designed program-ALIGNMENT SESSIONS ARE $125 per hour, as your best best benefit is gained from multiple sessions, discounts available for multiple session purchase.

COST: $125 (individually – program recommended)

DURATION 60 minutes

Postural Alignment Therapy is a PROGRAM-that addresses the whole body

Each Program Includes the Following:

  • Up to 1 hour in office session for the 8 sessions
  • Full postural evaluation with review of postural changes at each session
  • A new routine every two weeks, on average, for the first 4 months (best case, but your own pace is fine)
  • Sequenced routine creation with full routine demonstration at each session if desired
  • Online access to video demonstration of each exercise at each session
  • Online access of your report & progress
  • Email/phone support as needed throughout program

Additional Services

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